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Wire and tinsel Matterials

Wire and Tinsel Materials
All of the various wire products and tinsel products on the market today.
Colored Dead Soft Copper Wire
Product ID : L-1101
Colored Dead Soft Copper Wire from Larva Lace. Larva Lace Color Dead Soft...
Product ID : ACCSRC
The Dubbing Brush Tool. Unique design let's you create dubbing brushes of all...
Dead Soft Copper Wire from Larva Lace
Product ID : 1101
Dead Soft Copper from Larva Lace. Larva Lace Dead Soft Copper is available in...
Dubbing Brush Wire
Product ID : TDB
Dubbing Brush Wire. Super soft copper wire. Ideal for making your own dubbing...
Fine Wire
Product ID : FINS
Fine Wire, Gold or Silver, 20 yd. spool.
Flat Mylar Gold/Silver Tinsel
Product ID : FM
Flat Mylar Gold/Silver Tinsel. Gold on one side silver on the other. This...
Holographic Flat Tinsel
Product ID : HFT
Holographic Flat Tinsel. 3 sizes available, in Gold or Silver color. Per spool.
Lead Free Round Wire
Product ID : LF
Lead Free Round Wire. If lead is banned this is the best substitute. 5 sizes...
Lead Wire Assortment
Product ID : LWA000
Lead Wire Assortment. The complete range of Lead wire in a free six...
Lead Wire Assortment
Product ID : ALL-005
Lead Wire Assortment, from Spirit River: There are approximately 5 total...
Lead Wire Spooled
Product ID : L
Lead Wire Spooled. The ideal way to add weight to a fly. Lead however is...
LED Larva Lace
Product ID : 11000SPD
Larva Lace LED was designed to be used when varying amounts of weights are...
OPST Intruder Wire
Product ID : OW
OPST Intruder Wire, Supple, durable and highly fishable intruder wire thin...
OPST Junction Tubing
Product ID : OJ
OPST Junction Tubing is perfect for rigging intruders and other flies with a...
Pearlescent Flat Tinsel
Product ID : PFTE
Pearlescent Flat Tinsel. 3 sizes available Per spool
Senyo's Intruder Trailer Hook Wire
Product ID : THW
Senyo's Intruder Trailer Hook Wire. You can now match your trailer hook wire...
Senyo's Thin Intruder Trailer Hook Wire
Product ID : SIW
Seyno's Thin Intruder Trailer Hook Wire. For Hook size 6 or smaller. 4 yds.
Tungsten Stretch Lace
Product ID : TSL
Tungsten Stretch Lace. This solid round stretch material has been impregnated...
Ultra Wire Extra Small
Product ID : TSW0
Ultra Wire Extra Small. This will tie down to size 32. 10 colors available....
Ultra Wire Large
Product ID : TSW3
Ultra Wire. Size Large 20 colors available. Per Spool. $1.80-2.80- per...
Ultra Wire Small-Medium
Product ID : TSW
Ultra Wire. 3 sizes available Small, Brassie or Medium. 27 colors available....
Uni Clear Mylar
Product ID : UMC
Uni Clear Mylar. 1/32" 20 yard spool.
Uni Dubbing Brush Wire
Product ID : DBW
Uni Dubbing Brush Wire. Three sizes to make small sparse or large dense...
Uni Flat Embossed French Tinsel
Product ID : UE
Uni Flat Embossed French Tinsel. 3 colors available in 2 sizes.
Uni French Oval Tinsel
Product ID : U
Uni French Oval Tinsel. 4 sizes available. 2 Colors, Silver or Gold. Per Spool.
Uni Silver French Twist
Product ID : UTW
Uni Silver French Twist. Per Spool.
Uni-Mylar Double Sided Tinsel
Product ID : UMY1
Uni-Mylar Double Sided Tinsel. Great colors in a double sided tinsel. 4 sizes...
Veevus French Tinse
Product ID : VT
Veevus French Tinsel. 3 different colors, copper, gold or silver. 4 different...
Veevus Holographic Tinsel
Product ID : VH
Veevus Holographic Tinsel. Great colors, greater breaking strength and more...
Veevus Pearl Tinsel
Product ID : VP
Veevus Pearl Tinsel. Greater breaking strength and more tinsel per spool than...
All of the various wire products and tinsel products on the market today.