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Synthetic Hair Products

Synthetic Hair Products
All types of synthetic hair products from various suppliers.
Barred Pseudo Hair
Product ID : BPH
Barred Pseudo Hair. A barred version of this great synthetic hair.
Big Fly Fiber
Product ID : BFF
Big Fly Fiber. One end of this fiber is curled to create ore bulk without the...
Big Fly Fiber with Curl
Product ID : CBF
Big Fly Fiber with Curl. Awesome blends of color and flash!. Fly tying...
Enrico Puglisi Gamechange Fibers Blend
Product ID : 94629db530a97a8e
Enrico Puglisi Gamechange Fibers Blend Blended micro crimped fiber colors...
EP Fibers
Product ID : EPA
Enrico Puglisi fibers are 10" in length, amazingly translucent and have an...
EP Fibers 3-D
Product ID : EPB
Enrico Puglisi Fibers 3-D. Beautifully blended EP Fiber colors to match the...
EP Silky Fibers
Product ID : EPC
Enrico Puglisi Silky Fibers. These soft glistening 7" fibers can be used to...
EP Silky Fibers 3-D
Product ID : EPD
Enrico Puglisi Silky Fibers 3-D. Masterfully blended mix of colors. 7" in...
EP Trigger Point Int'l Fibers
Product ID : EPQ
Enrico Puglisi Trigger Point International Fibers. These fibers have been...
Extra Select Craft Fur
Product ID : XCF
Extra Select Craft Fur. The longest and fullest craft fur we have seen....
Product ID : FH
Fishair After many requests from fly tiers, we are adding Fishair which has...
Fluoro Fibre
Product ID : FLF
Fluoro Fibre. Fine fluorescent fibers will add extreme color to your patterns.
Grizzly Fibre
Product ID : GF
Grizzly Fibre. A no holds "barred" wispy winging material.
Product ID : IF
ICE Fur. Great colors, length and sparkle make this the ultimate replacement...
Magic Minnow Body Material Pearly White
Product ID : MMB
Magic Minnow Body Material Pearly White. 15 Denier or 30 Denier. Great for...
No-Fray Wing Material
Product ID : NF
No-Fray Wing Material. This material can be cut to shape without the worry of...
Pseudo Hair
Product ID : PHR
Pseudo Hair. Thin, bright, 3 1/4" in length with under fur for correct taper...
Slinky Fibre
Product ID : ZSF
The perfect substitute for Super Hair. Nice crimp to give you body without...
Super/Supreme Hair
Product ID : 1-SP
Super/Supreme Hair. 11" long flexible crimped nylon great for saltwater flies...
Unique Hair
Product ID : BHU
Unique Hair, 11" long, similar to supreme hair but with finer fibers for a...
All types of synthetic hair products from various suppliers.