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Synthetic Dubbing Material

Synthetic Dubbing Material
All of various synthetic fly tying dubbing on the market today.
"STS" Trilobal Salmon, Trout and Steelhead Dub
Product ID : TRI
"STS" Trilobal Salmon, Trout & Steelhead Dub. This is a Trilobal dubbing...
Cohen's Carp Dub
Product ID : CARP
Whether it was conceived on a carp fishing vision quest or a just a bad...
Creepy Crawley Ice Dub
Product ID : CID
Creepy Crawly Ice Dub. The next generation of Ice-Dub designed to add...
Hare'E Ice Dub
Product ID : HI
Hare'E Ice Dub. Perfect mix of Hare's Ear and Ice Dub. Very popular mix of...
Hare'e Wiggle Dub
Product ID : HW
If you want some movement in your flies you must try this dubbing. Ideally...
Hare's Ear Plus Dubbin
Product ID : HET
Hare's Ear Plus Dubbin. Rabbit and guard hares make it a very spiky along...
Product ID : ICE
Ice Dub. This has been one of the best selling products. Great sparkle and...
Krystal Dub
Product ID : KD
Krystal Dub. Rabbit and Flashabou dubbing blended together.
Micro Fine Dry Fly Dub
Product ID : SMF
Micro Fine Dry Fly Dub. Micro Fine Dry Fly Dub is cut short so that even the...
Polar Dub
Product ID : PD
Polar Dub. Popular dub with fly tiers. Sparkles and easy to work with!...
Quick Descent Dub
Product ID : QD
Quick Descent Dub. Quick Descent Dub will get your fly down where the fish...
Rainbow Scud Dub
Product ID : RSD
Rainbow Scud Dub. Hareline dyes and mix 4 colors to get this product. Looks...
Scud Dub
Product ID : SCUD
Scud Dub. Super Bright and easy to dub. Picks out perfectly for all your...
Seny's Laser Dub
Product ID : SL
Senyo's Laser Yarn. A unique custom mix that hareline has developed along...
Senyo's Fusion Dub
Product ID : FUS
Senyo's Fusion Dub. A fused blend of dubbing with unlimited potential....
Senyo's Shaggy Dub
Product ID : SSD
Senyo's Shaggy Dub. Micro size Life Flex that can be mixed in with any...
SLF Dave Whitlock Series
Product ID : DWS
SLF Dave Whitlock Series. These are Dave Whitlock's Original Blends now with...
SLF Whitlock Original Dubbing Blends
Product ID : SLDW
SLF Whitlock's Original Dubbing Blends. These are Dave Whitlock's original...
Product ID : SCD
Sow Scud. For lifelike sow bugs and scuds this sparkling blend of opossum...
Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing
Product ID : SFDF
Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing. The finest synthetic dubbing available....
All of various synthetic fly tying dubbing on the market today.