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Rubber & other stretch type materials

Rubber and Stretch Materials
All things made with rubber and stretch. From bodies to wings everything that stretches.
Aqua Glow Cray Legs
Product ID : AQ
Aqua Glow Crazy Legs. In the Dark it glows a cool Aqua Blue! Per 5 Skirts.
Barred & Speckled Crazy Legs
Product ID : BL
Barred & Speckled Crazy Legs. The barring and speckling will give you a more...
Barred Crazy Legs
Product ID : CLB
Barred Crazy Legs. Great looking silicone legs. Per 5 skirts.
Buggy Nymph Legs
Product ID : BNL
Buggy Nymph Legs. These silicone legs are half as thin and cut half the width...
Bugskin from Larva Lace
Product ID : 701
Bugskin is a strong, yet supple, material. Each piece had hundreds of...
Clear Stretchy Fly Skin
Product ID : SF?65
Clear Stretchy Fly Skin. Crystal clear and very durable. Easily accepts color...
Cohen's Attractor Tails
Product ID : CAT
Cohen's Attractor Tails. Swims and twist like crazy in the water. 4 sizes....
Cohen's Crayfish Creature
Product ID : CCC
Cohen's Crayfish Creature. For Tying realistic Crayfish Patterns. Laser cut,...
Cohen's Fly Suede
Product ID : CFS
Cohen's Fly Suede. Ultra suede that you can cut and shape to your favorite...
Cohen's Frog Legs
Product ID : CFL
Cohen's Frog Legs. For Tying realistic Frog Patterns. Designed to do...
Cohen's Hellgrammite Creature
Product ID : CCH
Cohen's Hellgrammite Creature. Pliable and strong material designed to tie...
Crazy Legs
Product ID : CL
Crazy Legs. Silicone skirting that is used in many fly patterns for both...
Crystal Skin
Product ID : CS
Crystal Skin . This thin crystal clear skin is used for over coating the...
Daddy Long Legs
Product ID : DLL
Daddy Long Legs. These micro legs will add amazing movement to any fly. Can...
Dura Skin
Product ID : DS
Dura Skin. A very thin textured vinyl that ties in nice and can be used as...
Fine Grizzly Barred Rubber Legs
Product ID : GRF377
Fine Grizzly Barred Rubber Legs.
Fine Round Rubber
Product ID : FRR
Fine Round Rubber. Wider selection of colors!
Fino Skin
Product ID : FN
Fino Skin. An elastic transparent fly tying material for use on Scud backs,...
Fly Enhancer Legs
Product ID : FE
Fly Enhancer Legs. A very unique mix of colors that can be incorporated into...
Grizzly Barred Rubber Legs Medium
Product ID : GRM
Grizzly Barred Rubber Legs Medium per pack.
Grizzly Flutter Legs.
Product ID : GFL
Grizzly Flutter Legs. These grizzly silicone legs are as buggy as it gets....
Grizzly Micro Legs
Product ID : GML
Grizzly Micro Legs. Grizzly barred micro legs for those micro fly patterns...
Hot Tipped Crazy Legs
Product ID : CLT
Hot Tipped Crazy Legs. We have been tying some great Steelhead & Chinook...
Ice Stretch Lace
Product ID : SL-Ice
Ice Stretch Lace. Clear solid Ice Stretch does not have a memory and will...
Life Flex
Product ID : LFX
Life Flex. This Spandex material is oval in shape and wiggles like crazy in...
Loco Legs
Product ID : LL
Loco Legs. Beautiful color that will enhance any fly. Great for everything...
Magnum Predator Legs
Product ID : MPL
Magnum Predator Legs. Fly Tying Silicone Legs. Grizzly barred magnum legs for...
Medium Round Rubber
Product ID : MRR
Medium Round Rubber. Great Colors!
Micro Silicone Legs
Product ID : MSL
Micro Silicone Legs. Your flies will do the Mambo with these legs! 13...
Perfect Rubber Silicone Legs
Product ID : PR
Perfect Rubber Silicone Legs. Per Pack. 14 colors.
All things made with rubber and stretch. From bodies to wings everything that stretches.