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Rite Bobbins and Brassie Tools

Bobbin Thread Keppers
Product ID : BTK
Bobbin Thread Keepers for bobbins. Size Small or Large. Per pack of 5.
Brassie Hair Packers
Product ID : BHP
Brassie Hair Packers. 3 sizes available 1/32" for hook sizes 10-18, 3/64" for...
Product ID : AA
Cautery. Perfect for removing loose fibers or burning Deer Hair or Wool to...
Changeable Tip and Battery Cautery
Product ID : CTC
Changeable Tip and Battery Cautery. Comes with batteries. Per each.
Flex Coat Big Wheel Cordless Fly and Jig Turner
Product ID : FXBW
Flex Coat Big Wheel Cordless Fly and Jig Turner. Just attach to your...
Flex Coat Pin Clips for Big Wheel
Product ID : FXPC6
Flex Coat Pin Clips for Big Wheel. Per pack of 6.
Replacement Cautery Tip
Product ID : CTIP
Replacement Cautery Tip. For the CTC Cautery Only. Per Tip.
Rit Hate Hitch Mag Bobbin
Product ID : RB5
Rite Half Hitch Mag Bobbin. AA standard sized bobbin but built for heavy...
Rite 3" Magnum Bobbin
Product ID : RB4
Rite 3" Magnum Bobbin. A long reach all metal heavy duty bobbin with thread...
Rite Ceramic Magnum Bobbin
Product ID : RB3
Rite Ceramic Magnum Bobbin. A heavier duty frame with a ceramic insert....
Rite Ceramic Shorty Bobbin
Product ID : RB1
Rite Ceramic Shorty Bobbin. For tiers who like to work in close to the fly....
Rite Ceramic Standard Bobbin
Product ID : RB2
Rite Ceramic Standard Bobbin. The ideal all around bobbin with thread tension...
Standard Dubbit Tool
Product ID : DT1
Standard Dubbit Tool. Real nice quick dubbing tool.
TYFLYZ Tools Hakcle Tweezer
Product ID : HTZ
TyFlz Tools Hackle Tweezer. Very unique hackle tweezer. Holds your hackle...
Ultimate Dubbing Brush
Product ID : UDB
Ultimate Dubbing Brush. This brush will tease out dubbed bodies, wings and...
Ultimate Stainless Steel Tearing Dub Brush
Product ID : USS
Ultimate Stainless Steel Tearing Dub Brush. In one or tow swipes you are done...
Zuddy's Leg Puller
Product ID : ZLP
Zuddy's Leg Puller. Designed with Matt Zudweg for easy leg threading. Will...