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Pheasant, Duck & Goose Feathers

Pheasant, Duck & Goose Feathers
Feathers from all ends of Ring neck Pheasants, Golden Pheasants, Hen and Rooster Pheasants, Duck and Goose Feathers.
Barred CDC
Product ID : BCD
Barred CDC
Big Bag Mallard Flank
Product ID : BMF
Big Bag of Mallard Flank
Bronze Mallard Flank
Product ID : BM
Bronze Mallard Flank
Complete Golden Pheasant Crest
Product ID : GP4
Complete Golden Pheasant Crest
Complete Golden Pheasant Head
Product ID : GP3
Complete golden pheasant head.
Duck Quill Pair
Product ID : DQ
Duck Quill 2 matched pairs. Used for wings and tails on many standard wet...
Dyed Complete Golden Pheasant Tippet
Product ID : DGPT
Dyed Complete Golden Pheasant Tippet section.
Dyed Golden Pheasant Crest
Product ID : DGPC
Complete Dyed Golden Pheasant Crest.
Gadwall Barred Flank
Product ID : MBG
Gadwell Barred Flank. Larger than teal flank and somewhat darker, their...
Gadwall Feathers
Product ID : GW
Gadwall Feathers
Golden Pheasant Complete Tippet Section Natural
Product ID : GP5
Complete Natural Golden Pheasant Tippet section
Golden Pheasant Less Tail
Product ID : GP1
Golden Pheasant Skin less tail feathers.
Golden Pheasant Skin Less Head and Tail
Product ID : GP2
Golden Pheasant Skin Less Head and Tail.
Golden Pheasant Tippets
Product ID : GP
Golden Pheasant Tippets. Per pack of 10. Sized small medium or large.
Goose Quill Pair
Product ID : GQ
Goose Quill. A thick stiff fibered quill perfect for that "one fly" dry this...
Knotted Hopper Legs
Product ID : KL
Knotted Hopper Legs. Hand tied form Pheasant Tail Fibers. 3 colors available....
Lady Amherst Center Tail Feather
Product ID : LAC
Lady Amherst Center Tail feather. These are all #1 full length center tail...
Lady Amherst Complete Heads #1 Grade
Product ID : LA
Complete Lady Amherst heads. Great for tails, cheeks and wings on various...
Lady Amherst Tippets
Product ID : LA3
Packs of 10 Lady Amherst tippet feathers.
Mallard Barred Flank Select Large Spey
Product ID : MBS
Mallard Barred Flank, Large Spey Select. These finely barred, super select...
Mallard Drake Belly
Product ID : MBD
Mallard Drake Belly. Dave Whitlock's Choice for cheeks on his famous sheep...
Mallard Hen Flank
Product ID : MBH
Mallard Hen Flank. Great for claws on crawfish patterns. Per 4" c 6" Bag
Mallard McGinty Quill
Product ID : MCG
Mallard McGinty Quill. A small, naturally iridescent blue quill from the wing...
Mallard Whole Wings
Product ID : MWW242
Whole Mallard Wings
Marc Petitjean Select CDC Feathers
Product ID : PCDC
Premium Select CDC Feathers from Marc Petitjean. Limited to supply on hand.
Prime Mixed Waterfowl
Product ID : MBM199
Prime Mixed Waterfowl. Great assortment of super quality mixed barred flank...
Ringneck Hen Pheasant Complete No Tail
Product ID : PS199
Complete Ringneck Hen Pheasant skin less tail
Ringneck Neck Patch
Product ID : RN
Ringneck Neck Patch. The white collar feathers make a great substitute for...
Ringneck Pheasant Complete Tail
Product ID : RPCT
Complete Ringneck Pheasant Tail Clumps. Natural and dyed colors. Hand...
Ringneck Pheasant Rump Patch
Product ID : RPRP
Natural Ring neck Pheasant Rump Patch. This is a good replacement for BEP on...
Feathers from all ends of Ring neck Pheasants, Golden Pheasants, Hen and Rooster Pheasants, Duck and Goose Feathers.