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Chickabou Patch
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Price: $6.00
Product ID : 41883
Manufacturer: Whiting Farms
Weight: 0.20 lbs



The soft hackle with Chick-a-Bou® product is one of the most versatile products Whiting Farms produces. More fly types can be tied with this product than any other feather product we offer. The marabou-like feathers of the Chick-a-Bou® patch are quite fine and delicate, perfect for small nymphs, gills, trailing shucks, damsels and more. The soft hackle feathers have a wide use for streamers, matukas, sculpins and larger nymphs. If it isn’t a dry fly, it could be tied with Whiting Farms’ Soft Hackle with Chick-a-Bou®! This is a must-have in any fly tier’s material arsenal.

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