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Marc Petitjean

Daiichi Circle-Wide Hook 3847
Product ID : D3847
Daiichi Circle Wide Hook 3847, Wide gape bend, beak point, straight eye, 2X...
Marc Petitjean Long Loop Trim Scissors
Product ID : MP7
Marc Petitjean Long Loop Trim Scissors. Swiss made, includes protective fly box.
Marc Petitjean Loop Twister
Product ID : MP5
Marc Petitjean Loop Twister. Has a sliding bank that gathers the loop and...
Marc Petitjeans Magic Head
Product ID : PMR
Marc Petitjean's Magic Head. For hooks size 5/0-18
Petitjean Micro Magic Tool
Product ID : MTM
Petitjean Micro Magic Tool. Ideal for CDC feathers and Soft Hackle Prep.