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HMH & Danica & BT's

Blend Your Own Custom Dubbing Kit
Product ID : BYO
Blend Your Own Custom Dubbing Kit. See the dubbing, be the dubbing, now...
Blending Dub and Hair Brush
Product ID : BDB
Blending Dub and Hair Brush. Great for combing our EP fibers or Icelandic...
Cohen's Original Fugly Packer
Product ID : CFP
Cohen's Original Fugly Hair Packer. The ultimate hair packer. Available in...
Product ID : ACCSRC
The Dubbing Brush Tool. Unique design let's you create dubbing brushes of all...
Dubbing Brush from Larva Lace
Product ID : 8411D
Dubbing Brush from Larva Lace.
Essentials Tying Materials Bag
Product ID : TMB
Essentials Tying Materials Bag 6.5" x 9". For thread, tools, dubbing and the...
Fly Arm
Product ID : 87413D
FLY ARM. This fly arm is great for drying and storing flies while working at...
Fly Stand
Product ID : 87412D
Fly Stand from Larva Lace. Great for setting your flies on to try or just to...
Hareline Low Profile Trash Holder
Product ID : LPT
Hareline Low Profile Trash Holder. Being low profile it will not get in the...
Hareline Silicone Bead Pad
Product ID : HBP
Hareline Silicone Bead Pad. Will keep your hooks and beads from rolling or...
HMH Bobbin Rest
Product ID : HMH6
HMH Bobbin Rest. For use with any HMH vise.
HMH Magnum Jaw
Product ID : HMH2MAG
Replacement HMH Magnum Jaw. Jaw is designed to hold the larger hooks over 1/0.
HMH Micro Jaw
Product ID : HMH2
Replacement HMH Micro Jaw. Jaw is designed to hold size 20 and smaller hooks.
HMH Micro Tubing
Product ID : HMHMT
HMH Micro Tubing. There have been many request for this size micro. Per...
HMH Omin Jaw
Product ID : HMHO
HMH Omni Jaw. Replacement Jaw for HMH fly tying vises.
HMH Profile Plate
Product ID : HMH7
HMH Profile Plate. Relieves eye strain when tying fly. Vise is not included.
HMH Spartan Vise
Product ID : HMH1
A classic HMH vise that will standup to years and years of tying. Available...
HMH Standard Bench Vise
Product ID : HMHST
HMH Standard Vise. This is HMH's Top of the line vise. Solid as a rock....
HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool
Product ID : HMH3
HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool.
HMH SX Pedestal Vise
Product ID : HMHSX
HMH SX Pedestal Vise. The interchangeable jaws put this a step above the...
J. Dorin Bodkin
Product ID : JD
J. Dorin Bodkin, Size Small or Regular.
Lab Board
Product ID : 60000D
LAB BOARD, Designed with the fly tier's needs in mind. This solid oak board...
Large Diameter Tube Assortment
Product ID : HMH4
Large Diameter Tube Assortment from HMH. Per assortment.
Mega Fly Tying Pad
Product ID : MTP
Mega Fly Tying Pad. Bigger is better. Per Pad.
Rainy's E-Z Bobbin Threader
Product ID : PT-09303
Rainy's E-Z Bobbin Threader. Accommodates standard tubes. Fast & easy to use....
Rainy's E-Z Gripper
Product ID : Pt-09350
Rainy's E-Z GRIPPER. This is not an ordinary lead clip. It has been...
Rainy's E-Z Hopper LEG Tool
Product ID : PT-092
Rainy's E-Z Hopper LEG Tool. For the do-it-yourself fly tier. Make hopper...
Small Diameter Tube Assortment
Product ID : HMH5
Small Diameter Tube Assortment Per assortment.
Small HMH Poly Tubes
Product ID : SMP
Small HMH Poly tubes. Bright Colors and will put with extreme water...
Stow & Go Quad
Product ID : QUAD
Stow and Go Quad. The ideal storage system for tying bench. 24 shatterproof...