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Fox, Raccoon, Squirrel and Calf Hair

Fox Raccoon Squirrel and Calf Hair
All of your Fly Tying Hair Needs from Fox, Raccoon, Squirrel and calf hair.
American Opossum
Product ID : DUFOPL
American Opossum, Natural Glossy White Fur, Great Substitute for seal.
Arctic Fox Body Hair
Product ID : AF
Arctic Fox Body Hair. A fine textured, durable hair for winging steelhead,...
Arctic Fox Tail Hair
Product ID : AFT
Arctic Fox Tail Hair. Great length, soft and ties in easily. Great for...
Arctic Fox Zonker
Product ID : AZ
Arctic Fox Zonker. Soft hair that is great for collars and wins on Steelhead...
Artic Fox Tails
Product ID : DUT
Fox Tails. Whole Tails, Soft Tanned Great for Big Streamers. Artic or Silver...
Australian Opossum
Product ID : DUFAOL
Australian Opossum Soft and Buggy Very Easy to Dub.
Product ID : DUHBAL
Badger. Long, light colored hair for streamer wings and saltwater patterns.
Product ID : DUFBEL
Beaver. Warm Gray under fur, the original natural floating dubbing.
Black Bear
Product ID : DUHBLB
Black Bear. A must for traditional tiers, limited availability. Cannot export.
Calf Body Hair
Product ID : CBH
Long Select Calf Body Hair Softer and more uniform in length than calf...
Calf Tail Combo pack
Product ID : CC-T
Smaller version of calf tails in a variety pack.
Calf Tails
Product ID : CT
Calf Tails. For a Hair wing and Bonefish flies.
Cashmere Goat
Product ID : GOAT
Cashmere Goat. Another all natural finely tapered hair with an excellent...
Product ID : DUHCOY
Coyote. Well marked, long hair Great for hair wings.
EP 1.5" Short Toxy Brush
Product ID : FXS
A mixture of EP gibers and real fox tail fibers. Just a few turns to make...
EP Foxy Brush
Product ID : EFX
EP Foxy Brush. Just a couple of turns is all you need for the greatest...
Product ID : DUF
Fox Prime Fur in natural colors on the skin. Silver, Gray or Red.
Icelandic Sheep Hair
Product ID : IS
Icelandic Sheep Hair. Very long hair good for pike, musky and saltwater...
Lead Wire Assortment
Product ID : ALL-005
Lead Wire Assortment, from Spirit River: There are approximately 5 total...
Product ID : DUFMUL
Muskrat. The best natural dry fly dubbing material, that nature ever made.
Product ID : DUFNUL
Nutria. Darker than muskrat with longer guar hairs.
Ozzie Possum Fur Piece
Product ID : OZ
Ozzie Possum Fur Piece. Great for Sculpins and nymph patterns.
Pine Squirrel Zonker Strips
Product ID : W-SS
Pine Squirrel Zonkers, Micro Zonked or Standard Zonked. Available in Natural...
Rams Wool
Product ID : RW
Rams Wool, great natural material for Sculpin or Woolhead patterns.
Sculpin Wool
Product ID : SW
Sculpin Wool Great colors for Permit Crabs, Sculpins or Woolhead patterns.
Squirrel Body Pieces
Product ID : SSP
Squirrel Body Pieces. Scraped and dried rawhide pieces. Gray, Fox, or Pine.
Squirrel Skins
Product ID : SS1
Whole Squirrel skins. Very popular for nymph tails or to blend your own...
Squirrel Tail Combo
Product ID : STC
Squirrel Tail Combo. An assortment of shorter squirrel tails all in 1 pack.
Squirrel Tails
Product ID : GST
Complete Squirrel Tail Natural along with dyed colors.
Squirrel Zonker Whole Skins
Product ID : SS4
Whole Squirrel Zonkers Skins. Naturally Barred. Excellent for Matukas...
All of your Fly Tying Hair Needs from Fox, Raccoon, Squirrel and calf hair.