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Fly tying weight products.

Fly Tying Weight Products
All of the weight products needed to add weight to your flies. Wire, Lead Products, Eye, Eggs, Beads.
3D Adhesive Holographic Eyes
Product ID : 3D
3D Adhesive Holographic Eyes. These domed eyes have always been great sellers...
3D Big Fish Eyes
Product ID : 3D1
3D Big Fish Eyes. For the larger patterns. 2 sizes available, 4 colors per...
Adhesive Eyes
Product ID : AE
Adhesive Eyes. For the Sunken Barbell eyes we have added a new size and then...
Aluminum Sea Eyes.
Product ID : AL
Aluminum Sea Eyes. 3-D Holographic Eyes can be used to add more pizzazz to...
Articulated Fish Spines
Product ID : AFS
Articulated Fish Spins from Fish Skulls. Four lengths that will give your fly...
Articulated Fishspine Shanks
Product ID : 2-FS
Articulated Fishspine Shanks. Single size packs are now available....
Bead Chain Eyes
Product ID : 1BC
Bead Chain Eyes. Standard bead chain for eyes on many patterns, without the...
Beadmaster Tool
Product ID : BEADM
Beadmaster Tool. Will help you place beads on hooks without the loss of...
Big Game Shanks
Product ID : BGS
Big Game Shanks. Heavy duty shanks for Pike, Muskie and Saltwater or large...
Brass Cone Heads
Product ID : 1-CH
Brass Cone Heads. Add the extra weight and shape from a cone head to your...
Brass Eyes
Product ID : BE
Brass Eyes. The quickest way to add action and weight to any pattern. These...
Colored Propeller Blades
Product ID : 25
Colored Propeller Blades. New product for 2014. 4 sizes available, Colored...
Cyclops Bead Eyes
Product ID : C
Cyclops Bead Eyes. 7 sizes, 5 colors available. Per pack of 24 beads.
Dazzle Brass Beads
Product ID : BB
Dazzle Brass Beads. Six new colors to choose from. These brass beads are...
Doll Eyes
Product ID : DOLL
Doll Eyes. 2 sizes available 3 colors available. per pack.
Double Pupil Lead Eyes
Product ID : 2P
Double Pupil Lead Eyes. These have been done to put emphasis on the pupil....
Egg Veil Milky White
Product ID : EV
Egg Veil Milky White. Use a very small amount, spread and fold around thread...
Egg Yarn
Product ID : EY
Egg Yarn.
EP Crab & Shrimp Eyes
Product ID : 1-EP
EP Crab & Shrimp Eyes. Ready to use eyes for creating any crustacean pattern....
Epoxy Mono Crab Eyes
Product ID : EMC
Epoxy Mono Crab Eyes. Will add a realistic look to your crab flies. 6 pair...
Faceted Slotted Tungsten Beads
Product ID : 1-FS
A faceted look to the slotted tungsten beads. Just adds that additional...
Fish Skull Articulated Shank
Product ID : FAS
Fish Skull Articulated Shank. Simplify the tying of articulated streamer and...
Fish Skull Fish Masks
Product ID : FFM
Fish Skull Fish Masks. Move over Zorro, there's a new people's hero! 8 sizes...
Fish Skull Living Eyes
Product ID : LE
Fish Skull Living Eyes. Realistic Fish eyes manufactured using the latest...
Fish Skull Sculpin Helmet
Product ID : FSH
Fish Skull Sculpin Helmet. The Fish-Sculpin is a weighted head that has a...
Fish-Skull Heads
Product ID : FK
Fish-Skull Heads. The Fish-Skull is a weighted head that has a realistic...
Flat -End Tungsten Hour Glass Eye
Product ID : FT
Flat End Tungsten Hour Glass Eyes. 4 sizes available and 4 colors Available...
Fluorescent Bead Chain
Product ID : FBC
Fluorescent Bead Chain. Great colors for Salmon, Steelhead or Bass Flies. 4mm...
Fluorescent Fly Eyes
Product ID : 1-F
Fluorescent Fly Eyes. These eyes are bright and all fluorescent. One color...
Glass Rattles
Product ID : RAT
Glass Rattles. For adding the little bit of rattle to your fly. Per pack of...
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All of the weight products needed to add weight to your flies. Wire, Lead Products, Eye, Eggs, Beads.