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Fly Tying Glue, Wax & Paint

Fly Tying Glue, Wax, Paint
All of the glues, dubbing wax, Head Cement, Paints you can use in all your fly tying patterns.
Applicator Bottle with Capes and Needles
Product ID : LN95
Applicator Bottle with Caps and Needles for you own cements or solvents....
Aquel Premium Floatant
Product ID : LN5
Description This premium gel floatant is the world's best fly floatant....
Blue Ribbon
Product ID : LN30
Description This pure powder floatant won't leave a residue on the water...
Chartpack AD Markers
Product ID : CAD
Chartpak AD Markers: The Tri-Nib tips on these permanent markers will allow...
Copic Airbrush Starter Set
Product ID : ABS2
Copic Airbrush Starter Set. Great for coloring minnows, poppers or adding...
Copic Airbrush Starter Set with Large Air Can
Product ID : CABS
Copic Airbrush Starter Set with Large Air Can. Per each.
Copic Large Air can for Airbrushing
Product ID : ACD180
Copic Large Air Can for Airbrushing. Refill air can for Copic Airbrush...
Crystal Clear Liquid Fusion
Product ID : LQF
Crystal Clear Liquid Fusion. This water based clear urethane glue works and...
Deep Soft Weight
Product ID : LN105
Deep Soft Weight from Loon. Non lead reusable weight putty. Per each.
Flex Coat Big Wheel Cordless Fly and Jig Turner
Product ID : FXBW
Flex Coat Big Wheel Cordless Fly and Jig Turner. Just attach to your...
Flex Coat Pin Clips for Big Wheel
Product ID : FXPC6
Flex Coat Pin Clips for Big Wheel. Per pack of 6.
Fly Fishing Zap A Gap
Product ID : ZF04
Fly Fishing Zap a Gap. Great for Fly Tying, Knotless line & leader...
Fly Fishing ZAP Brush on
Product ID : ZF13
ZAP-a-Gap with a brush. Spread it over large areas, with ease or work it into...
Fly Fishing Zap Gel
Product ID : ZF27
Fly Fishing Zap Gel. Extra Thick Formula.
Fly Fishing ZAP GOO
Product ID : ZF12
Fly Fishing ZAP GOO. Strong and flexible fly tying adhesive. Great for gluing...
Fly Fishing Zap Quck Set Epoxy
Product ID : ZF35
Fly Fishing ZAP Quick Set Epoxy. Great for coating fly heads and bodies. 5...
Fritz Von Schlegel Head Cement
Product ID : FV
Fritz Von Schlegel Head Cement. A very unique bottle incorporating a brush...
Griffin Glass Applicator Jar
Product ID : GT
Griffin Glass Applicator Jaw with brush or with needle. Great square bottle...
Hard as Hull Head Cement
Product ID : HHH
Hard as Hull Head Cement. This head Cement is made with acrylic polymers...
HardHeaded Water Base Head Cement
Product ID : AEV1
Hardhead Water Base Head Cement. A quick drying penetrating cement. Per bottle.
Harelin's Touch Dub Wax Large Tube
Product ID : TDW1
Hareline's Touch Dub Wax, Large Tube. A supper tacky wax.
Hareline's Low Tack Wax Large Tube
Product ID : LTW1
Hareline's own blend for treading thread and floss. Low Tack wax, large tube.
Hareline's Touch Dub Wax Travel Tube
Product ID : TDW2
Hareline's Touch Dub Wax. Oval Travel Tube. Tacky, tacky, tacky ideal for...
Harelines Low Tack Wax Travel Tube
Product ID : LTW2
Hareline's Low Tack Wax, Oval Travel Tube. This is Hareline's own blend for...
Head Strong Flexible Tying Cement
Product ID : AEV2
Head Strong Fexible Tying Cement. A quick drying flexible cement. We cannot...
Henry's Sinket
Product ID : LN953
Description Flies treated with Henry's Sinket quickly break surface...
Lacquer Applicator Bottle
Product ID : LAB
Lacquer Applicator Bottle per each.
Loon 1/2 Ounce Thick UV Clear Finish
Product ID : LN98
Loon 1/2 ounce Thick UV Clear Finish. Thick UV Finish.
Loon 1/2 Ounce Thin UV Clear Finish
Product ID : LN99
Loon 1/2 ounce Thin UV Clear Finish. Thin UV finish.
Loon Aluminum Caddy
Product ID : LN904
Description With its sleek metallic design, this caddy holds any 1/2 oz...
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All of the glues, dubbing wax, Head Cement, Paints you can use in all your fly tying patterns.