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Feathers for Fly Tying

Fishing Tackle Craft Feathers
All the feathers you need for your fly tying and tackle craft needs!
Hungarian Partridge Sking Natural
Whole Partridge Skin Natural Color
American Hen Capes
The feathers from the hen cape of the Whiting Farms American Hackle are some...
Barred CDC
Barred CDC
Bronze Mallard Flank
Bronze Mallard Flank
Big Bag Mallard Flank
Big Bag of Mallard Flank
Barred Ostrich Plume Piece
Barred Ostrich Plume Piece.
Blue Peacock Neck Feathers
Blue Peacock Neck Feathers.
Cinnamon Tip Turkey Tail Feathers
Natural Cinnamon Tip Turkey Tails
Dyed Golden Pheasant Crest
Complete Dyed Golden Pheasant Crest.
Dyed Complete Golden Pheasant Tippet
Dyed Complete Golden Pheasant Tippet section.
Duck Quill Pair
Duck Quill 2 matched pairs. Used for wings and tails on many standard wet...
English Grouse Soft Hakle
English Grouse Feathers
Natural Emu Feathers
Natural Emu Feathers.
Golden Pheasant Tippets
Golden Pheasant Tippets. Per pack of 10. Sized small medium or large.
Golden Pheasant Less Tail
Golden Pheasant Skin less tail feathers.
Golden Pheasant Skin Less Head and Tail
Golden Pheasant Skin Less Head and Tail.
Complete Golden Pheasant Head
Complete golden pheasant head.
Complete Golden Pheasant Crest
Complete Golden Pheasant Crest
Golden Pheasant Complete Tippet Section Natural
Complete Natural Golden Pheasant Tippet section
Goose Quill Pair
Goose Quill. A thick stiff fibered quill perfect for that "one fly" dry this...
Grizzly Mini Marabou
Grizzly Mini Marabou, only available in natural grizzly.
Grizzly Soft Hackle
Used on Kathy Beck's Super Bugger
Gadwall Feathers
Gadwall Feathers
Hungarian Partridge Feathers
Hungarian Partridge Feathers
Knotted Hopper Legs
Knotted Hopper Legs. Hand tied form Pheasant Tail Fibers. 3 colors available....
Lady Amherst Complete Heads #1 Grade
Complete Lady Amherst heads. Great for tails, cheeks and wings on various...
Lady Amherst Tippets
Packs of 10 Lady Amherst tippet feathers.
Lady Amherst Center Tail Feather
Lady Amherst Center Tail feather. These are all #1 full length center tail...
Mallard Drake Belly
Mallard Drake Belly. Dave Whitlock's Choice for cheeks on his famous sheep...
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All the feathers you need for your fly tying and tackle craft needs!