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Fly Tying Eye Products.

Eye Products
For all your Fly Tying Eye needs.
3D Adhesive Holographic Eyes
Product ID : 3D
3D Adhesive Holographic Eyes. These domed eyes have always been great sellers...
3D Big Fish Eyes
Product ID : 3D1
3D Big Fish Eyes. For the larger patterns. 2 sizes available, 4 colors per...
Adhesive Eyes
Product ID : AE
Adhesive Eyes. For the Sunken Barbell eyes we have added a new size and then...
Doll Eyes
Product ID : DOLL
Doll Eyes. 2 sizes available 3 colors available. per pack.
EP Crab & Shrimp Eyes
Product ID : 1-EP
EP Crab & Shrimp Eyes. Ready to use eyes for creating any crustacean pattern....
Fish Skull Living Eyes
Product ID : LE
Fish Skull Living Eyes. Realistic Fish eyes manufactured using the latest...
Fluorescent Fly Eyes
Product ID : 1-F
Fluorescent Fly Eyes. These eyes are bright and all fluorescent. One color...
Mirage Dome Lure Eyes
Product ID : DE
Mirage Dome Lure Eyes. Great realistic eyes with the color shifting Mirage...
Mono Nymph Eyes
Product ID : MN
Mono Nymph Eyes. Easy to work with. Light weight nymph eyes. 2 sizes and 4...
Oval Pupil 3D Adhesive Eyes
Product ID : OP
Oval Pupil 3D Adhesive Eyes. Fro even more realistic flies you will love...
For all your Fly Tying Eye needs.